I Promise The Emails Can Wait...

It's Friday morning, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the dog and kids are making the morning routine a breeze. You jump in the car, turn the radio up a little louder and sing your little heart out completely loving life, you walk in the office and everyone comments on how chirpy you are this morning and then there it is...... 

That one thing that could throw out your whole day, the thing that has suddenly made you hate the world and completely shut down that awesome vibe you had going. Its an email that is in need of a good dose of manners, you know the one that is from someone that just has no tact, thinks they run the show, or just grates you the wrong one - come on admit it we have all received that email where all you want to do is throw your computer across the room. 

Whilst you may want to hit reply and tell them what you really think you choose not to and instead suck it up but continue to have that feeling of anxiousness, anger, resentment and overall lousiness, what happened to that chirpy chick who walked in an hour ago? 

I see this time and time again in the office place and admit I have Been this chick one too many times and we have all heard the saying 'no one has the power to make you feel anything' but sometimes you just feel like like crap and this can do horrible things for your mental health. 

Now whilst I have fallen victim to feeling like shit due to emails sent from the 'wicked witch of the west' (the name lovingly given to a previous boss) there was a few things I would do to pull myself out of this funk so I could get my good vibes back on track and I know you will be able to get your vibes back too. 

Next time you get one of those emails, breathe and remind yourself you are talented in so many areas of your life both in and outside of work. Call a work colleague and instead of telling her the story ask them to tell you a joke or funny story. Look at photos in your phone albums and remember what makes you smile. Jump on Pinterest, find a picture of something you love (can be anything), send it to your girlfriends and wish them a great day, I can guarantee they will write back a great message. I do this one regularly with my girlfriends because who doesn't love getting a virtual bunch of flowers and a good morning message? 

Your mental health is so much more important than any email that upsets you, so next time you get this, take 5 minutes for yourself to get back into that awesome mood you had.... Trust me the email response can wait.